client responses and thanks

Some of the notes my clients have left about working with me:

"We love working with Jessamyn! She always captures what we were hoping she would (even getting our baby and dog to cooperate). She makes the process fun and the images are always so beautiful."
-Jamie and Lane

"Jessamyn is an amazing photographer. At our wedding you wouldn't even know she was there, except for these amazing shots that still take my breath away. In the other photo shoots we've done with her, she's managed to get us relaxed and comfortable, and then catch that. I know that we'll be coming to her for the special moments of our lives for as long as we can."
-Jenny and Mike

"Jessamyn is a very capable photographer. She is extremely competent and reliable. We truly enjoyed her creativity and her calming energy. We were delighted with our pictures and would recommend her as a photographer to anyone."
-Trisha and Mark

"Jessamyn shot our wedding this October at the Brazil Room in Berkeley. Our photos came out spectacularly - she did an exceptional job of capturing the "mood" of the wedding; the fun, colorful side, as well as the beautiful scenery of Tilden Park. Beyond just the photos, she put everyone at ease and was extremely easy to work with. She took the awkwardness out of wedding photography, and the results will last us forever. Thank you, Jessamyn!"
-Sheryl and Nick

"In addition to having a unique, artistic style that I love, Jessamyn Harris is a great pleasure to work with. She took charge where we needed her to (and knew that was), yet had a really relaxing effect on all of us. Our wedding photos didn't take any extra thought (for us) during the event, and in fact we hardly noticed her taking photos- yet we now have a huge assortment of excellent shots from throughout the day. Her style always comes through. I highly recommend Jessamyn based on her great photography, her professionalism and her personal flair."
-Isby and Henry

"Jessamyn is great! She takes wonderful, original pictures, but she is also non-intrustive about how she takes them and she makes you feel so at ease."
-Alexis and David

"Jessamyn was wonderful to work with and her photography is beautiful and creative. She is exactly what we wanted in a photographer. She is also a wonderful human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough."
-Jean and Romie

"I would absolutely recommend Jessamyn Harris. She is talented, professional, and brought a great energy to our wedding. She did a great job capturing the smallest moments and details that would otherwise get overlooked in the blur and excitement of the day. She really captured our friends' and families' personalities, and just the overall "feeling" of the wedding. I feel quite lucky to have found her!"
(and directly to me):
"thank you for doing SUCH a great job with the photos. really, they are even better than i imagined. i can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve gotten from family and friends — people have just been FREAKING on them!

An eloquent friend emailed me this:

The pictures are amazing! What a great photographer she is, and what
a terrific night for the both of you.
I guess this is what a photographer should do, but she really seemed
to capture who both of you are – your expressions, your emotions, your
joy – it was like she had known you for a lifetime, and as if she was
able to transpose the blur of an evening into shots which not only
froze time, but captured the depth of what we all saw and felt.

-Corinne and Geoff